Delivery & Distribution

It’s Like We Invented the Delivery Schedule.

PostHub Delivery Services

Our expedited delivery service, known globally as Middle Kid Inc., has long been an industry-trusted source for distribution. We pride ourselves on our proactive asset delivery coordination with sales and distribution and provide you with all documentation and content delivery tracking information.

Fast Delivery

= Faster Profits

Delayed delivery means delayed everything. PostHub and Middle Kid Inc. accurately prepare your film for audiences worldwide. Our proactive asset managers work hand-in-hand with your sales agent and distributors to ensure a speedy delivery – triggering a faster return to profit.

Documents have you bogged down? Our team of experts is well versed in any documentation a distributor or sales agent could require. We actually invented the most widely used delivery schedule in the industry! Whether you need a Paid Ads Statement, a music cue sheet, or a professional billing block; we can handle every bit of delivery and keep you informed along the way.

The Fastest Distribution in the Industry

And Always Striving to Break Our Own Record.